Project Type: Glue Sticks on Heartbreaks

Mother’s Metrics

Mother’s Metrics teeth imprints along the spine of her neck not her daughter nail bites across the crest of her cheek bone not her daughter knuckle prints stitched below the curve of her sternum not her daughter not her not her daughter not her

Broken Promise

Broken Promiseash stains his lipschewing gum cover-up,minty fresh, isn’t enough. cloth catches that stinkfebreeze, can’t wash offthe stench stained collar of a broken promise anda vice he’ll never give up


(Mimeomia)Her ribs missing parts, Her hips reconstructedHer eyes vapid pools

#Relationship Goals

(relationship goals)I feel like a tragic southern belle waiting for her beau I keep running towards my blank phonescreen. I look stupid. Strung along by memories of his touch teased from me:his breath on my neck; his arms around my waist; his soft lips…

Among the Lost

(among the lost)empty bottlesstuffed with loveletters floating againstocean currentsobserving the universe starfish, wrapfingers aroundglass, blind to love they sink each unread wordstardust particles blocking sunlight