Metra on Friday

(Metra on Friday)
travel sewage smell clings to bodies
jettisoned through pressure capped
doors- broken and stuttering against the
weight of bags and bodies dragged un-
apologetically across thresholds

well-fed sleepers and Barbie skinny
interns switch seats with the hung over
bachelors who hold their heads like
cracked melon skull caps

shoe shine slacker floors smell like
city sidewalks and sunscreen
between the seams of dreads
and trailer cars

tattered t-shirts of beggars and
teenagers break up business suites
and pencil skirts, while white beaters
show sunburns that crackle –a failed
chemical experiment.

tweens wear the shortest fabric patterns
and call them skirts, walking the upper deck
they scream their disgust as they feel
stares brush across their spray-tanned-legs.

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