Limoncello & Legs

(Limoncello and Legs)
courtyards of screams & smiles glare
like bright street lamps turned on
too late, glittering cold as a winter sun—

blue was last year’s trend, tourists,
easy marks with no fashion sense,
forget that shit rolls down hill—

sidewalk shopping malls, gutters
beside bottle cap streets—

a purse seller swears on stranger’s-souls
he found them in Burberry’s district &
Gucci’s alleyway—

Swarovski crystals are the ash & mortar
this city breathes while limoncello &
hookers coat the streets—

—all liquor & legs—

puzzle-piece temples, parliaments of

street mosaics, counterfeit
replicas, from spray cans—

a city leaning towards the ocean, teetering
on a mountain face—

incompetent architects, & drunks built
a straight line to the universe—

as stars fell off the horizon, they gazed at Gods

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