The Reluctant Prince

This is a given title poem that echoes the price of power. The imagery is very similar to all of the Game of Thrones scenes… maybe.

The Reluctant Prince

broken bodies lay
battered around the

stone rooms of
a carpeted castle

no sounds or breath
no choking gasps of

life shudder through
those husks

a wooden chair tilts
against the wall,

the surface worn down
memories of feasts

death surrounds her,
faces, familiar ghosts

silenced laughter, frozen
tears, a crippling crown

slopes across her brow
red, stained, hands

tattered, silk, dress
what Prince would

want this?

The Dark Well & The Salon

There is always some hither to person, who is a proficient speaker, that narrates his opinions on the news or sports of the week. His entire conversation, unmitigated in its flow, as if the words were as prolific as the bartender’s hand on a Sunday night.

The audience, within hearing distance of his saintly tongue, garnered no conversation while those opinions of his were bellowed amongst the wooden pillars and slot machines of the “Dark Well” being the name of the institution.

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history fastens our shoelaces tripping on our origins-
were we sinful? or are we sinless? Read More

…Southwest Airlines

The concave jet airline tunnels &
light switch bathrooms of Southwest Airlines

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We’ve Forgotten How to Pray

We’ve Forgotten How to Pray

we, beckon some miracle, let us
hold some meeting, where the words
are whispered treasure—
in vaulted halls, but

let them be sung in the forest,
amongst the trees and
earthen scents, the chirping, bright
vessels of God’s messengers—

their letter carrying feathers
fluttering in the air twisting to heaven
where God will hear our psalms with each
tender song they sing to him
their grace and form may be the
surpassing peace we seek to reach

Inspiration: “we hold treasures in earthen vessels that their surpassing power…” Corinthians

Bending the Knee

Inspiration: “whoever is in Christ is a new creation…” Corinthians

Bending the Knee

whoever bends the knee, created as it was to do
is blessed with the love and forgiveness
in all eyes that behold them.

Christ our bright light, shining beckon
is the guide to our judgment a man made
new by no other than the Lord of
creation for his Father is the one creator

Rebelling Youth

Corinthians- we in the past, themselves, sentences to be…

we the youth of a dying democracy have no faith left
in these old men who accepted all the mistakes of the
past within the scope of their job description

ourselves, rise only to better the future of our children’s children, their life
sentence—surrounded by destruction—their homes family’s friends—death will
be a frequent visitor with no condolences in that norm

only their faith will pad the inevitable losses, so we teach them as our mother’s
did, we catapult our voices towards the world’s vaulted skies, in hopes that we might be heard by the God those old men have forgotten to fear