Category: poetry

The Stars Await

This is a given title poem about the universe, and maybe our mistakes of trying to live out there. Maybe a little bit inspired by Babylon 5. The Stars Await solar system seeds swayin cosmic breeze, tumbling like rag-weedsin a helter-skelter pattern. Dancing to…

Push Button to Reset

This could be about a few different people. Originally titled “push button reset” it makes more sense to add the preposition I think. Push Button to Reset a rim of red,a dare,a passive aggressivemethod to makea world in one image a cherrya whipped cream…

…Southwest Airlines

The concave jet airline tunnels & light switch bathrooms of Southwest Airlines


Sometimes I think the Universe speaks to me, because I’m weird, delusional or crazy.

Second-Hand Cinderella

First line from Sylvia Plath’s Cinderella: “The prince leans to the girl in the scarlet heels”

Online Dating Sucks

Online Dating Sucks – Given words in bold from Cv2

You can’t Break me

Hard break ups, aren’t the end of me