Category: Given Titles

Broken Promise

Broken Promise ash stains his lips chewing gum cover-up, minty fresh, isn’t enough. cloth catches that stink febreeze, can’t wash off the stench stained collar of a broken promise anda vice he’ll never give up

A Thief’s Game

This is a given title poem that is definitely about Trump back in the election stage to when he won in 2016. Sometimes I am inspired by world events. A Thief’s Game His smile, genuine,His veneers, bright, His hair, implants,His suite, impeccable. Will he…

The Side-Effect of Thunder

This was organically a given title ” Sound of Thunder.” But side-effect became a key phrase and line in the progression that made me alter the title. The Side-Effect of Thunder crackling around earsside-effect: screams,tears, sobs the sound of lightning blaring in eye-sightside-effect: stumbles,trips,…

The Art of Telling Lies

This is a given title poem that I think can be about any relationship. Friend, lover, politician (I have a better one for that posting tomorrow). The Art of Telling Lies lie to me, there is anart to the decay on yourexpendable soul blush…

The Reluctant Prince

This is a given title poem that echoes the price of power. The imagery is very similar to all of the Game of Thrones scenes… maybe. The Reluctant Prince broken bodies laybattered around the stone rooms ofa carpeted castle no sounds or breathno choking…


Sometimes I think the Universe speaks to me, because I’m weird, delusional or crazy.

Blue Wednesday

Given title from way back when I was self assigning projects (I still do that). Trigger warning: abuse, physical & mental