Category: Flash Fiction


“What do you mean, you’re out of lemons? You can’t be out of lemons I bought four dozen lemons for this lemonade stand and you are already out of lemons! Do you know how much lemons cost?”

A Shattered Window

Windows don’t catch rocks. Rocks shatter windows. Thrown with intent or accidentally too hard on a summer evening, a rock can break apart more than a window. Rocks can break apart a marriage too…

Mother’s Love

I was not ready to admit defeat. She is hell-bent towards destruction. I can see it. I’ve been there. The world is large enough to swallow her whole and spit out the bones she would abandon in death.

Jack Frost: Hell is Frozen

“Fences are for climbing,” she whispers. The puff of air that escapes her lips as she mutters the words makes her feel like a powerful dragon, puffing steam in the cold air surrounding the fence that is meant to be climbed.

Lung transplant

Thanks for dying

Break-ups in the 22nd Century

Sometimes, break-ups are bloody

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

There is always more to the story than just a fire in a trash can…