In Preparation of a Revolution

This is a result of my indexing project. Drafts are also added. I feel that this is commentary on the way lives are becoming expendable to the old guard. Not necessarily my life. But there is a general disassociation with how many young people’s lives are destroyed by war, debt, drugs and abuse. It’s just a poem by the way. Nothing special… Just thoughts.

In Preparation for a Revolution

Sex and the perpetuation of society
as they see us we are the cuckoos of thought
eagerly fighting the oppressive

coaxing to follow some rules
that should have been crumpled up and thrown
away like broken trinkets in trash-bags

they want to replace our bodies with manageable
others. immortality is a trade, old rules shape
the focus of their eyes on futures and we are expendable.

They’re greedy, they’re waving at an
inaccurate revival of foolish reality
as if it were lasting. As if their power
were unquestionable and limitless.

Revolutions are an inevitable side-effect of complacency.

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