Arches Crumbling

In high-school we always learn about a version of history. After all of those classes, there is a reset, where we learn that history isn’t how we were taught. And then decided to switch perspectives… how history was experienced.

Arches Crumbling

the world’s arches, history’s neatness
is used to raise the beautiful fools we

want our children to be
astonished to see the burning

wicker-man of their childhood
their mouths agape with wide

pitiful eyes as distant bells
chime 13 hours in their new,

broken, reality the milk pale,
forgotten seaside lay underneath

the cloaked wings of Death another
stripped chorus of silent glances,

soles pant hastily shuffling &
muttering questions in unison

as they sat on those white sands,
on the edge of Rome exchanging

bets, coins, & words when the city
would fall

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