I Hate Love Stories

This is a given title poem about not liking the love story montage that we see in all movies ever made. Those movies are just two hours longer than this.

Sonata in Screams

a chorus of:
pain, fear, frustration,

a fugue state of being,
agony is a crater,

cracked open, empty,
catapulting towards

buildings made by a tyrant
his bones are hallowed, guarded,

we can’t touch the man,
break the bones of his empire.

we march, piles of bodies
he doesn’t need consent.

we block the streets,
he made the sidewalks.

we shatter the windows,
he built walls.

a sonata of screams
against the pitch black soul

a sonata of screams
saying no.

a sonata of screams,
hear us roar.

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