history fastens our shoelaces tripping on our origins-
were we sinful? or are we sinless?

can one be re-framed as a peacemaker when they are
the son of an executed traitor?

were we to perchance, close the gates on whatever
age were all wrongs came to pass and hit refresh?

can the flow of our prejudices be halted?

the greater powers lay in our futures. They are the true auditors of our present-
would this suggestible arrangement be considered ravings?

would they see us rubbing away at the sins and cull us peasants  for not repairing it?

could their exulting voices of experience destroy the wrongness of this past alluded to in this pensive note? 

Dare I wish that they overfill their own manuscripts with what we are ashamed of-
whence they rewrite a full account of our ravished record of history.


shoelaces      sewed       alluded     suggestible    peasants       rubbing     exult       raving        clanging       laughing    executed    ravishment whatever       counting    auditor     whence age            quarrel     traitor     unavoidable experience     horse       lark        arrangement perchance      voice       tediously   gates sinless        uncertain   flown       history sinful         banging     pensive     fastening disgraced      destroy     blades      originate stand          woods       oneself     cackled called         overfilled  origins     crawling 

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