Online Dating Sucks

Online Dating Sucks – Given words in bold from Cv2

online dating sucks

my hunger for real begets
foundling forms of
relationships that don’t stick
on long

always unroofed by secrets
busting open the seams on
news feeds-

profile pics are here to creep
on- cardboard cutouts- bunk

catfish isn’t lobster anywhere

no lies on age in old school
daguerreotype photography

filters now glamorize the lies
of stippled pores with lines of

Emojis are the yellow
summaries of vague emotion
and copacetic complicity with

true love was stolen again-

absquatulated by a Snapchat
porno layered with dank
white smoke, poor choices and

“Netflix and Chill” a
bombastic term of
endearment that I won’t bite
down on

ignore lethargic smiles,
solicitations & hook-ups
I’ll take a chance. Swipe
to the next guy.
I might say “hi.”

online dating sucks

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