Broken Promise

Broken Promise

ash stains his lips
chewing gum cover-up,
minty fresh, isn’t enough.

cloth catches that stink
febreeze, can’t wash off
the stench stained collar

of a broken promise and
a vice he’ll never give up

A Comment on Religion

each believer is creative
in their translation of the
point—when gods are
absent & ideals-optional

Glitz-ed Idols

I seem to create commentary on current affairs with a given quote from the Bible. Inspired by 22nd Corinthians “the old things passed away, behold new things have come.”

Glitz-ed Idols
the old words we found among the
remnants of our ancestors the
objects held in their hearts,
passed above our blessed

away from our ears, absent, they
behold some greater peace we can
only fabricate this new religion of

lies glitz-ed up to show truth the
noise we are accustomed to is so
far away from God, many of us
wonder how our children will

find it tomorrow? If they wait
until the world finally ends,
will his voice find them?

In Preparation of a Revolution

This is a result of my indexing project. Drafts are also added. I feel that this is commentary on the way lives are becoming expendable to the old guard. Not necessarily my life. But there is a general disassociation with how many young people’s lives are destroyed by war, debt, drugs and abuse. It’s just a poem by the way. Nothing special… Just thoughts.

In Preparation for a Revolution

Sex and the perpetuation of society
as they see us we are the cuckoos of thought
eagerly fighting the oppressive

coaxing to follow some rules
that should have been crumpled up and thrown
away like broken trinkets in trash-bags

they want to replace our bodies with manageable
others. immortality is a trade, old rules shape
the focus of their eyes on futures and we are expendable.

They’re greedy, they’re waving at an
inaccurate revival of foolish reality
as if it were lasting. As if their power
were unquestionable and limitless.

Revolutions are an inevitable side-effect of complacency.

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Broken Molds

Another based on “whoever is in Christ is a new creation”

Broken Molds

whoever broke the mold after you were made
is a cruel creator. My universe will collapse in
darkness, as inconsolable as stone.

you are a bright light, a soul of Christ’s resilient faith,
unmarred by the constant trials you face,
while humanity fails to grasp the closeness of Heaven’s
new creation in you.

Evolution of Religion

Inspired by “the old things have passed away”

Evolution of Religion

our lesser forms have been replaced,
those old husks of damned souls are

things of the past, incomplete existence
here–evolved, scoured clean, reborn
as they passed through the brilliant light,

leading away from the old, into the new hands of God

Kings Of God

I think this a commentary on the “divinity of royalty” pretty sure I was thinking of how it used to work. Sourced via indexing.

Kings of God

An impertinent fluttering of a cloud,
soaring low, along the ground, where kings
slue demons.

Those that beset their Godly realms.
Mother’s children, no bodies, no eyes,
or mouths to recount those days,

when those greater folk stiff in their curtsies,
minding the safety of those beleaguered hearths.

what safety that law had? a king, elected
to slay the enemies of their subjects souls?
Questioning that divinity must have been a crime.

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